Learning the Art of Makeup from Farzana Khusro

In my opinion, it does not matter how much a woman spends on eye pencils and blushers and foundation, unless she knows how to use them to enhance her own face, she might just as well do without wearing any of them. Makeup is an art that can be learned and there are various ways to improve one’s skills, depending on how much time and money one wants to devote to it.

Shopping Malls now a days usually have resident or visiting experts who give advice without charge at makeup counters (though one has to be fairly brazen to leave without buying something). This is helpful for a woman who is a quick study and does not mind the lack of privacy. A more satisfactory place is a beauty salon, most of which have makeup artists who will do makeup for a charge, sometimes with a lesson.

Our academy includes several workshops for the amateur along with courses for professionals. Its classes for the regular client include a four-part workshop in which each phase of makeup – skin care, contouring, eyes, lips and cheeks, and hair styling – is demonstrated, and aids such as closed-circuit television are used. There are specialized courses for the mature woman and the black woman and one on skin care for both men and women. The school holds daytime and evening classes, generally four hours long.

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