Growing up as a tom boy and a national level basketball player , I never thought off ending up being a makeup artist & Hair stylist. I was the one person who never tried pulling my hair up systematically or even applying  lip balm to nourish my lips. When my friends were attending the classes I was busy at basketball court to achieve  my goals playing for India team.

Things soon changed as I entered my late teens. Belonging to a conservative family my game was stopped by the orthodox elders of family ( how can a grown up girl be away from home for tournaments !!! what will every one think of her ? ). Completed my school and the time came to choose my career , again the factor of being the girl child came and I was force into fashion designing  field which was meant to be for girls. There I learnt color theory and started playing with colours.  By the time I could even start my career as a fashion designer, : I got married.

Within 11 month of marriage I was mother to a child. When my daughter was one and half year old, ace Hair stylist JAWED HABIB met my DAD & HUSBAND and they planned to open up a salon. That was the turning point of my life and I discovered my spark for being a makeup artist & Hair Stylist . Since 2005 there is no looking back.

My Working Style:

With the experience of almost 13 years in this industry I have earned an array of loyal clients. Without even advertising my work, clients multiplied by word of mouth. I am very particular about the brands of cosmetics I use on my clients , my vanity is full of the best brands in the industry.

My philosophy of make up is that it should look like once own skin rather than a painted mask. Natural dewy foundation application and focusing on bringing out the best  feature of the face, is my makeup style.

Me as an Educator:

My promise to my aspiring  students is  that  “ I will pour in all the knowledge and techniques I know without hiding even a single thing”.

Even after graduating from academy any time they my guidance I will be more than happy to guide them. I will also help them building up their career by recommending them to the clients enquiries I am not able to fulfill. The class atmosphere will be always healthy and interactive. I go beyond the limits to help my students building their makeup and hair kit. My stutdents are my second family to me and the bond with them becomes so strong that even after graduation they are always welcome in my academy for further practice.