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“ You may not always end up where you thought you were going. But you will always end up where you are meant to be.”

About me:

Growing up as a tom boy and a national level basketball player , I never thought off ending up being a makeup artist & Hair stylist. I was the one person who never tried pulling my hair up systematically or even applying  lip balm to nourish my lips. When my friends were attending the classes I was busy at basketball court to achieve  my goals playing for India team.

Things soon changed as I entered my late teens. Belonging to a conservative family my game was stopped by the orthodox elders of family ( how can a grown up girl be away from home for tournaments !!! what will every one think of her ? ). Completed my school and the time came to choose my career , again the factor of being the girl child came and I was force into fashion designing  field which was meant to be for girls. There I learnt color theory and started playing with colours.  By the time I could even start my career as a fashion designer, : I got married.

Within 11 month of marriage I was mother to a child. When my daughter was one and half year old, ace Hair stylist JAWED HABIB met my DAD & HUSBAND and they planned to open up a salon. That was the turning point of my life and I discovered my spark for being a makeup artist & Hair Stylist . Since 2005 there is no looking back.

Glimpse of Portfolio

Make up

Get thrilled with the latest trends in makeup. If you think of glowing and dewy skin, bronzed cheeks, and shades of pretty pastels, we have all those along with pink of the lips and lashes, flecks of golden glitter, and metallic foiled lips.

Hair style

Experience the latest on trend Styles, Braids, Bridal Hair Style, Fashion Hair Style. Your bridal hairstyle deserves as much attention as your sartorial and makeup choices. An outfit worn with a different hairstyle can totally change the look, and hence, what kind of bridal hairstyles you choose for your wedding revelries should be a thoughtful decision.